David J. Kaloyanides is a California Board of Legal Specialization Certified Specialist in Criminal Law. Less than 0.2% of all active lawyers in California hold this specialization. David J.P. Kaloyanides, A Professional Law Corporation, a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney representing clients in Los Angeles, Riverside and Santa Ana Federal Courts brings a wealth of experience in representing clients in criminal matters.

In over 20 years of defending clients, Mr. Kaloyanides’s client-focused approach means each client receives his personal attention with aggressive, strategic representation. In cases ranging from Tax Fraud, Criminal Copyright Infringement, and money laundering to offenses involving Racketeering, drug conspiracies, and even capital murder, Mr. Kaloyanides works with his clients to develop the most effective strategy for the best possible results.

In Civil Rights, Mr. Kaloyanides represents clients in First Amendment claims against governmental entities in the area of Establishment Clause Violations and Free Speech issues.

Mr. Kaloyanides is also a member of the List of Counsel for the Defence at the International Criminal Court, The Hague, Netherlands. He is also the former Criminal Justice Act Indigent Defense Panel National Representative to the Administrative Office of the United States Court for the for the Central District of California.